Doowee McAdam
Personal Info
Nationality Scottish
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair Colour Orange
Eye Colour Brown
Family Elizabeth McAdam (Mother)

Phillip McAdam (Father)

Series Appearance
Debut Season 1 Episode 1
# of Appearance Every Episode
Voice Actors
French Alexandre Nguyen
English Eve Morey
German Constantin von Jascheroff
Polish Grzegorz Drojewski
Doowee McAdam is part of the S.B.I. and a friend and a partner of Sally Bollywood.


He wears a green t-shirt and burgundy pants. He has hair the color of honey and eyes that are a hazel color very similar to Sally's.


He is very scientific and smart for his age. He is Scottish and considers himself cool. Unfortunatelly Doowee is very clumsy. He and Sally often argue, but still maintain a happy friendship. Doowee is not very good at maths, see operation nerd. Doowee is very popular and " cool " as he was one of the highest scores in the schools most popular student vote. Doowee is sometimes cowardly while Sally is brave, but with each others help they end up saving the day!

He's a quite flirtous type as he tried to flirt with Jasmine, Jaya and Sinitta. Doowee once fell in love with a client named Sinita only to find she was manipulating him. Emma has a crush on him and when she confessed this, Doowee smiled and blushed.

Doowee enjoys Mrs. Apu's cuisine and loves her curry. Doowee invents many gadgets, all to work correctly, though most of them don't seem to work at first. Doowee, though not as sporty as Sally, though he often ends up helping her up. Even though Sally thanks his inventions are ridicolus.


  • detective skills - although he's not as good as Sally, he's very cunning and deductive, so he can investigate some cases alone.
  • inventor - although he's an early teen, he invents very complex detective devices and gadgets.
  • creativity - he has a great imagination, which he uses to design and construct very complex detective gadgets and devices.
  • electronics - he can solely repair electronic devices.
  • learning skills - he's a fast learner and with Sally he's the best student of his classmates.
  • disguise - he created a camera making masks of photographed people,he made disguises for himself and Sally, which successfully fooled everyone.
  • singing - he's a terrible singer, but Christina, Vanessa and Kevina enjoyed his very first song.


  • Doowee is allergic to cats and rabbits: it is a McAdam "weakness".
  • Doowee knows how to rollarskate. 
  • Dowee is rather nerdy and not that strong. He is often bullied during his investigations and doesn't run as fast as Sally. 
  • Doowee has been kissed by Emma, Dharshie and Kathy and adored by Cassie, Christina, Kevina and Vanessa, but only girl he ever kissed was Sally.
  • Doowee's Disguise Suit is Similar to Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man and Dr Octagonapus from The Lazer Collection.
  • Doowee tries to get stronger, which oftens leads to failure.